International Projects

Liceo «Girolamo Bagatta» is a State Secondary School which prepares students for further academic studies. It has a long tradition, dating back to 1792 when the Gymnasium was founded by some prominent local families. Liceo Bagatta nowadays offers 4 types of courses: Classical Studies, Scientific Studies, Foreign Languages and Social Studies. It is attended by about 1,000 students aged between 14 and 19. Besides the morning classes several after-school clubs and workshops are organized in Foreign Languages, Music, Drama, Sports, Logic Games. Over the years, Liceo Bagatta has promoted professional training, stages, cultural activities, study tours, student exchanges and other projects, in cooperation with local Institutions. Students and teachers have participated in competitions and contests and have been involved eTwinning initiatives. Liceo Bagatta has coordinated or been a partner in 4 LLP Comenius Programmes and is at present implementing 3 Erasmus Plus KA2 Partnerships.

Liceo Bagatta partecipates in several international projects:

Cultural Exchanges (twinned foreign towns with Desenzano)

Erasmus Gymnasium, Amberg, Germany German flag
Europa Schule, Wiener Neustadt, Austria Austrian flag

Cultural Exchanges

Kepler-Gymnasium, Tübingen, Germany German flag
Graf-Anton-Günther-Schule, Oldenburg, Germany German flag
Kallavesi Senior High School, Kuopio, Finland Finnish flag
Roskilde Gymnasium, Roskilde, Denmark Danish flag
Dendron College, Horst, The Netherlands Dutch flag

Cultural Exchanges with extra-European countries

St Francis Xavier College, Canberra, Australia Australian flag  ⇒  Project Webpage
Delhi Public School - Bangalore North, Bangalore, India Indian flag

Erasmus+ 2016-2019 "Refugees and Frontiers: Keep Europe United"

  ⇒  Project Webpage
Dendron College, Horst, The Netherlands Dutch flag
Haci Murat Hatice Ozsoy Anadolu Lisesi, Cesme Izmir, Turkey Turkish flag
4th General Lykeion of Alimos–Makrygianneio, Alimos, Athens, Greece Greek flag
Holbaek 10. Klassecenter, Holbæk, Denmark Denmark flag
The Dukeries Academy, New Ollerton, United Kingdom UK flag

Erasmus+ 2015-2017 "Europe 2100: a sustainable future for European youth"

  ⇒  Project Webpage
KennemerCollege, Beverwijk, The Netherlands Dutch flag
Vilniaus Pilaitės Gimnazija, Vilnius, Lithuania Lithuanian flag
Lycée général et technologique Alfred Mézières, Longwy, France French flag

Erasmus+ 2014-2017 "Searching for the Labours of Hercules"

  ⇒  Project Webpage
Mehmet Çelikel Lisesi, Zonguldak, Turkey Turkish flag
Ies Jándula, Andújar (Jaén), Spain Spanish flagModel Experimental Varvakeio Lyceum, Psychiko, Greece Greek flag
Colegiul Tehnic de Transporturi Cluj-Napoca, Romania Romanian flag
Foundation of Knowledge, Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary Hungarian flag
Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey Turkish flag
Aspete Higher School of Pedagogic Technological Education, Athens, Greece Greek flag

Past Projects:

Erasmus+ KA1

Ralleio High School for Girls (Ralleio Geniko Lykeio Thileon), Piraeus, Greece Greek flag

2013-2015 Multilateral LLP Comenius "European Teenagers beyond the Economic Crisis"

  ⇒  Project Webpage
Awarded the E-Twinning Quality Label  ⇒  Outcomes and Products at European Shared Treasure
Levanger Videregaende Skole, Levanger, Norway Norwegian flag
KennemerCollege, Beverwijk, The Netherlands Dutch flag
Werdenfels Gymnasium, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany German flag

2013-2015 Bilateral LLP Comenius "Pathways to Sport and Language Excellence"

  ⇒  Project Webpage
Private Language School Leonardo da Vinci, Dobrich, Bulgaria Bulgarian flag

2012-2014 Multilateral LLP Comenius "Learning from Experiences"

  ⇒  Project Webpage
Awarded Star Project  ⇒  Outcomes and Products at European Shared Treasure
Berufkolleg des Rhein-Sieg Kreis, Siegburg, Germany German flag
I.E.S. Parque Aluche, Madrid, Spain Spanish flag
Zakladna Skola S Matersku Skolou, Bojnice, Slovakia Slovak flag
Szkola Podstawowa Im A.Mickiewicza w Zatorze, Zator, Poland Polish flag
Soke Anadolu Ogretmen Lisesi-Soke, Aydin, Turkey Turkish flag

2011-2013 Multilateral LLP Comenius "Europe: A Fairy Tale or a Fairer Tale?"

Lycée Armorin, Crest, France French flag
Dendron College, Horst, The Netherlands Dutch flag
Athenée Royal Lucienne Tellier, Anvaing, Belgium Belgium flag
Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących im. M. Kopernika, Zator, Poland Polish flag